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Jared Kealley Preparing for Advent II 9th December 2018
Jared Kealley Preparing for Advent I 2nd December 2018
Jared Kealley Worth the wait 14th October 2018
Jared Kealley Transformed through the ages 2nd September 2018
Jared Kealley Transformed work 26th August 2018
Peter Mclennan Praise and thanksgiving 19th August 2018
Angela Jeffers Transformed Word 12th August 2018
Jared Kealley Speak life 5th August 2018
Jared Kealley Ezekiel 1-8: Shining in the dark 22nd July 2018
Jared Kealley Don't hit the rock 24th June 2018
Candace Lahr Look to Him 17th June 2018
Note: Ps. Candace shared a clip during her sermon which was not able to be recorded
Jared Kealley The intergenerational church 10th June 2018
Jared Kealley Nicodemus 3rd June 2018
Jared Kealley Tripping hazards 27th May 2018
Jared Kealley Honour the Leader 13th May 2018
Angela Jeffers Being Transformed 22nd April 2018
Jared Kealley Transformed Boundaries 15th April 2018
Jared Kealley Transformed Together 8th April 2018
Jared Kealley Resurrected Lives 1st April 2018
Angela Jeffers Transformed Relationships 25th March 2018
Jared Kealley Transformed Trust 18th March 2018
Dr John Anderson Creation Ministries 11th March 2018
Jared Kealley Transformed through the trials 4th March 2018
Keith Ford (Connections Counselling) Confidence in the Gospel 25th February 2018
Jared Kealley Transformed Life 18th February 2018
Jared Kealley Be transformed 4th February 2018
Lauren Smith These things take time 14th January 2018
Jared Kealley Prince of Peace 17th December 2017
Jared Kealley Wonderful Counsellor 26th November 2017
Jared Kealley Covenantal Conviction 19th November 2017
Jared Kealley Acting out of fear 12th November 2017
Paul Ochieng African Word Ministries 22nd October 2017
Jared Kealley Breaking point 15th October 2017
Angela Jeffers God is not into party politics 8th October 2017
Angela Jeffers Obstacles to receiving Jesus 1st October 2017
Jared Kealley Passenger Seat 10th September 2017
Jared Kealley Ask gently for a response 3rd September 2017
Jared Kealley Share your story 27th August 2017
Carolyn Roach Forgiveness 13th August 2017
Jared Kealley Building loving relationships 6th August 2017
Jared Kealley Stepping Out 30th July 2017
Brad Middleton Truth and Righteousness 23rd July 2017
Jared Kealley Fullness 16th July 2017
Angela Jeffers Unblocking the wells 9th July 2017
James Wesley Real Simple Christian Life 2nd July 2017
Jared Kealley Good Fences 25th June 2017
Jared Kealley Transformation 11th June 2017
Jared Kealley Parting Words 28th May 2017
Jared Kealley Choices 21st May 2017
Jared Kealley Cleaning up the house 7th May 2017
Angela Jeffers Recap of our values 23rd April 2017
Jared Kealley Because He lives 16th April 2017 (Easter Sunday)
Jared Kealley Loving 9th April 2017
Jared Kealley Community 2nd April 2017
Jared Kealley Mission Focused 19th March 2017
Jared Kealley Equipping 12th March 2017
Bobby Aitken Kingdom Minded 19th February 2017
Angela Jeffers Spirit Filled 12th February 2017
Jared Kealley Christ Centred 5th February 2017
Jared Kealley A future and a hope 29th January 2017
Jared Kealley Be strong and Courageous 22nd January 2017
Bobby Aitken The year ahead 1st January 2017
Jared Kealley Christmas Eve 24th December 2016
Jared Kealley Advent Hope 18th December 2016
Jared Kealley Advent Joy 11th December 2016
Angela Jeffers Advent Peace 4th December 2016
Jared Kealley Advent Love 27th November 2016
Jared Kealley Strong in the Battlefield 20th November 2016
Jared Kealley The battle is the Lord's 13th November 2016
Jared Kealley Moved with Compassion 16th October 2016
Mercy Abraham Imondi 2nd October 2016
James Wesley Father's Day 4th September 2016
Bobby Aitken How true is the truth 21st August 2016
Jared Kealley Refuge and Strength 14th August 2016


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